HyperX SoloCast - microphone

Product Description:HyperX SoloCast - microphone
Product Type:Microphone - USB
Recommended Use:Game console, computer
Microphone Technology:Electret condenser
Microphone Operation Mode:Cardioid
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Product Type:Microphone - USB
Dimensions & Weight Details:Microphone stand: 125 g ¦ Microphone with stand: 386 g ¦ Microphone: 261 g
Weight:429.9 g
Recommended Use:Game console, computer
Recommended Placing:Tabletop
Microphone Technology:Electret condenser
Microphone Operation Mode:Cardioid
Connectivity Technology:Wired
Sensitivity:-6 dBV/Pascal
Frequency Response:20 - 20000 Hz
Features:Mute function
Audio Input Details:Cardioid - 20 - 20000 Hz
Connector Type:USB
Included Accessories:Microphone stand
Cable Details:USB-C to USB-A cable - 2 m
Compatibility Information
Designed For:Victus by HP Laptop 15-fa0008nq, 15-fa0014ns, 15-fb0000nm, 15-fb0012ns, 16-d0026nb, 16-d1025nl, 16-d1034ns, 16-e0021nl, 16-e0022nl, 16-e0054nl, 16-e0314nf, 16-e1900ng ¦ HP 250 G9 Notebook ¦ HP Elite 600 G9, 800 G9 ¦ HP ENVY Laptop 17-ch0121nf, 17-ch1002nq, 17-ch1009nq, 17-ch1011nq, 17-ch1013nq ¦ HP Laptop 14-dq3210ca, 14-fq0200ca, 14-fq0210ca, 15-dw1016nq, 15-dw1025nk, 15-dw1026nq, 15-dw3003nq, 15-dw3677nz, 15-dw4030nm, 15s-eq1000nm, 15s-eq1018ny, 15s-eq1022nk, 15s-eq1085nl, 15s-eq1126ns, 15s-eq1527AU, 15s-eq1900nc, 15s-eq2049np, 15s-eq2050np, 15s-eq2059ns, 15s-eq2083nl, 15s-eq2083ns, 15s-eq2084nl, 15s-eq2088ns, 15s-eq2091ns, 15s-eq2310nd, 15s-eq2325nd, 15s-eq2326nd, 15s-eq2411nd, 15s-eq2458ng, 15s-eq3005nl, 15s-eq3016nl, 15s-eq3019nl, 15s-eq3020nl, 15s-eq3621nd, 15s-fq0069nl, 15s-fq0071nl, 15s-fq0072nl, 15s-fq2022nh, 15s-fq2042np, 15s-fq2053nf, 15s-fq2119nl, 15s-fq2120nl, 15s-fq2153ns, 15s-fq2226nd, 15s-fq2310nd, 15s-fq2330nd, 15s-fq2412nd, 15s-fq2596TU, 15s-fq2600tu, 15s-fq3002ny, 15s-fq4011tu, 15s-fq4021nl, 15s-fq4022ns, 15s-fq4023nl, 15s-fq4025nl, 15s-fq4029nl, 15s-fq4030nl, 15s-fq4032nl, 15s-fq4033nl, 15s-fq4317nd, 15s-fq4416nd, 15s-fq4454ng, 15s-fq5013ny, 15s-fq5016ny, 17-cn0012ns, 17-cn0026nq, 17-cn0336nf, 17-cn0448nf, 17-cn1006ns, 17-cn1270nd, 17-cn1426nd, 17-cn1427nd, 17-cn2004nm, 17-cn2048nm, 17-cn2267st, 17-cn2304nz, 17-cn2775st, 17-cp0002ns, 17-cp0122ng, 17-cp0255ng, 17-cp0350nd, 17-cp0351nd, 17-cp0420nd, 17-cp1620nd ¦ HP Pavilion Laptop 15-eg0051nl, 15-eg1004nl, 15-eg1007nq, 15-eg1020nl, 15-eg1035nb, 15-eg1445nd, 15-eg2530nz, 15-eg2750nz, 15-eh1003nq, 15-eh1005nk, 15-eh1031nq, 15-eh1042nq, 15-eh1043nf, 15-eh1321nd, 15-eh1360nd, 15-eh1362nd, 15-eh1435nd, 15-eh1436nd ¦ HP Pavilion Plus Laptop 14-eh0660nd ¦ HP Pavilion x360 Laptop 14-ek0005nm, 15-er1003nm, 15-er1010nr, 15-er1524nz ¦ HP Pro 290 G9, 400 G9 ¦ HP ProOne 440 G9 ¦ HP Spectre x360 Laptop 16-f0035nn, 16-f1710nz, 16-f1740nz ¦ HP Workstation Z2 G9
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For video editors, streamers, and gamers looking for a USB microphone with great sound quality, the HyperX SoloCast is a must have. It's Plug N Play, making it simple to use, with some of the fan-favorite conveniences like the tap-to-mute sensor and LED mute indicator. The versatile microphone has a flexible, adjustable stand and is also compatible with most boom arms, so it can either sit on your desk or work mounted. Certified by TeamSpeak and Discord and compatible with OBS, XSplit, Streamlabs OBS and a number of other programs, it's an extremely streamer-friendly microphone.
  • Plug N Play audio recording
  • Tap-to-Mute sensor with LED status indicator
  • Flexible, adjustable stand
  • Boom arm and mic stand threading
  • Multi-device and program compatibility

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