HP - DDR3 - module - 1 GB - SO-DIMM 144-pin - 800 MHz / PC3-6400 - unbuffered

Product Description:HP - DDR3 - module - 1 GB - SO-DIMM 144-pin - 800 MHz / PC3-6400 - unbuffered
Product Type:Memory module
Capacity:1 GB
Memory Type:DDR3 SDRAM - SO-DIMM 144-pin
Upgrade Type:System specific
Data Integrity Check:Non-ECC
Speed:800 MHz (PC3-6400)
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Capacity:1 GB
Upgrade Type:System specific
OEM Manufacturer Equivalent Part Number:HP E5K48A
Type:DRAM memory module
Technology:DDR3 SDRAM
Form Factor:SO-DIMM 144-pin
Speed:800 MHz (PC3-6400)
Data Integrity Check:Non-ECC
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support:1-year warranty
Compatibility Information
Designed For:HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M652dn, M652n, M653dh, M653dn, M653x, M751dn, M751n, M856dn, M856x, MFP M577dn, MFP M577f, MFP M578dn, MFP M578f, MFP M681dh, MFP M681f, MFP M775z, MFP M776dn ¦ HP Color LaserJet Managed E65150dn, E65160dn, E85055dn ¦ HP Color LaserJet Managed Flow MFP E57540c, MFP E67560z, MFP E67660z, MFP M577cm ¦ HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M527dn, MFP M527f, MFP M528dn, MFP M528f, MFP M631dn, MFP M631z, MFP M632fht, MFP M632h, MFP M633fh ¦ HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow MFP M527c, MFP M527z, MFP M528c, MFP M528z, MFP M577c, MFP M577z, MFP M578c, MFP M578z, MFP M631h, MFP M632z, MFP M633z, MFP M681f, MFP M681z, MFP M682z, MFP M776z, MFP M776zs ¦ HP LaserJet Managed MFP E52545dn, MFP E52645dn, MFP E57540dn, MFP E62555dn, MFP E62565hs, MFP E62565z, MFP E62655dn, MFP E62665hs, MFP E67550dh, MFP M527dnm, MFP M577dnm ¦ HP LaserJet Managed Flow MFP E52545c, MFP E52645c, MFP E62565h, MFP E62575z, MFP E62665h, MFP E62665z, MFP M527cm ¦ HP PageWide Color MFP P77960dn, MFP P77960dns ¦ HP PageWide Enterprise Color 556dn, 556xh, 765dn, MFP 586dn, MFP 586f, MFP 780dn, MFP 780dns ¦ HP PageWide Enterprise Color Flow MFP 586z, MFP 785f, MFP 785z+, MFP 785zs ¦ HP PageWide Managed Color E75160dn, MFP E58650dn, MFP E77650dn, MFP E77650dns, MFP E77650z+, MFP E77650zs, MFP E77660dn, MFP E77660dns, MFP P77440dn, MFP P77940dn, MFP P77940dn+, MFP P77940dns, MFP P77950dn, MFP P77950dns, MFP P77960dn, MFP P77960dns, MFP P779dn Base, MFP P779dns Base, P75250dn ¦ HP PageWide Managed Color Flow MFP E58650z, MFP E77650z, MFP E77650zs, MFP E77660z
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