APC Replacement Battery Cartridge #43 - UPS battery - Lead Acid

Product Description:APC Replacement Battery Cartridge #43 - UPS battery - Lead Acid
Device Type:UPS battery
Weight:19.09 kg
Battery:Lead Acid
Battery Form Factor:Plug-in module
Dimensions (WxDxH):21.6 cm x 53.3 cm x 7.6 cm
Manufacturer Warranty:2-year warranty
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Device Type:UPS battery
Battery Enclosure Type:Plug-in module
Technology:Lead Acid
Features:Maintenance free, spill-proof
Compliant Standards:RoHS, REACH
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support:Limited warranty - 2 years
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature:0 °C
Max Operating Temperature:40 °C
Min Storage Temperature:-15 °C
Max Storage Temperature:45 °C
Humidity Range Operating:0 - 95%
Humidity Range Storage:0 - 95%
Dimensions & Weight
Width:21.6 cm
Depth:53.3 cm
Height:7.6 cm
Weight:19.09 kg
Dimensions & Weight (Shipping)
Shipping Width:39.4 cm
Shipping Depth:76.8 cm
Shipping Height:22.9 cm
Shipping Weight:20.45 kg
Compatibility Information
Designed For:P/N: DLA2200RMI2U, DLA3000RM2U, DLA3000RMI2U, DLA3000RMT2U, DLT3000RMI2U, IAX1SU3KIP10, SMT2200R2I-AR, SMT2200R2X106, SMT2200R2X180, SMT2200RM2U, SMT2200RM2UC, SMT2200RM2UNC, SMT2200RM2UTW, SMT2200RMI2U, SMT2200RMI2UC, SMT2200RMI2UNC, SMT2200RMUS, SMT3000R2I-6W, SMT3000R2I-AR, SMT3000R2X145, SMT3000R2X180, SMT3000RM2U, SMT3000RM2UC, SMT3000RM2UNC, SMT3000RM2UTW, SMT3000RMI2U, SMT3000RMI2UC, SMT3000RMI2UNC, SMT3000RMT2U, SMT3000RMUS, SU1400RMNET, SU1400RMXLTNET, SU1400X106, SU2200R3BX120, SU2200R3X147, SU2200RMNET, SU3000RMTX136, SUA1500X448, SUA2200R2ICH, SUA2200R2X106, SUA2200R2X147, SUA2200R2X180, SUA2200RM2U, SUA2200RM2UTW, SUA2200RMI2U, SUA2200RMUS, SUA3000R2ICH, SUA3000R2IX322, SUA3000R2IX38, SUA3000R2X145, SUA3000R2X180, SUA3000R2X401, SUA3000R2X428, SUA3000R3XLNETPKG, SUA3000RM2U, SUA3000RM2U-BR, SUA3000RMI2U, SUA3000RMJ2UB, SUA3000RMJ2UB3W, SUA3000RMJ2UBOS3, SUA3000RMT2U, SUA3000RMUS, SUM1500RMXL2U, SUM1500RMXLI2U, SUM3000RMXL2U, SUM3000RMXLI2U, SUM48RMXLBP2U
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Genuine APC RBC(TM) are tested and certified for compatibility to restore UPS performance to the original specifications.

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